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Proximity Card Access Control Terminal

Product Description

Model No. AC903

The AC903 is a simple yet powerful stand alone Access Control Terminal based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology (also called Proximity).  The AC903 is designed to be…
…easy to install. Installing the AC903 is fast and hassle-free.   The AC903’s main connector is conveniently located and clearly marked.  There is no need to solder or crimp- just use a screwdriver to connect the wires.
…simple to program. The AC903 is programmed from its own keypad and requires no external programming unit or computer connection.  Despite being simple to use, the AC903 has many programmable features.  Users can be added and deleted on the fly, several access modes are available, and the Terminal can be customized to work with different external hardware and configured with additional options that will further enhance the AC903’s performance.
…convenient. There is no need to swipe the card  with RFID technology- simply pass the card in front of the Terminal (sometimes without taking it out of the wallet).  Unlike conventional magnetic cards, RFID cards do not wear out with use (reducing the number of replacement cards), because reading the card does not require contact.
…and very, very reliable. Equipped with heavy-duty water-resistant keypad, powerful relays, reliable memory, glitch-free sensors and contact-free card reading technology, the AC903 is guaranteed to provide years of service-free operation.


Programmable Features:
* Three Access Modes: Armed (access in accordance with User Database), Disarmed (free unrestricted access), and locked (no access )
* Up to 240 records in the User Database, each with an individual ID Code and/or Password
* Three Access methods (selected individually for each user): ID Card, Password, or ID Card + Password
* Access to Programming mode is protected by Master ID Card and/or Master Password
* Support for normally-closed and normally-opened types of electric locks, alarm lines, door open sensors and exit switches
* Many editable prameters such as lock activation time and mode, alarm enable/disable, etc..

Hardware Feature
Typical RFID card reading range of 4 inches. Installing the AC903 on a metal surface will not decrease the reading distance
Heavy-duty water-proof keypad for password entry and terminal programming
Highly reliable non-volatile memory- no backup battery required to prevent loss of data in the event of a power outage
Powerful Lock and Alarm Relays (15A resistive load, 3A INDUCTIVE LOAD ) WITH GUARANTEED LIFE OF 100,000 cycles
Door Open Sensor and Door Open Switch inputs with opto-isolation to prevent problems caused by ESD
Built-in Tamper Sensor to trigger the alarm if the Terminal’s top cover is lifted
Wide Supply Voltage Range: 9~15V (12V nominal)
Splash-proof ABS body with metal back cover and compact physical dimensions of 80(W)x85(h)25(d)mm